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Join millions of savvy real estate investors and get funded quickly with capital provided by private lenders. No Minimum Credit Score, Quick Closings, Funding for Rentals, Fix 'n' Flips, Refi's, and Commercial Property. ALL you need is a Deal Currently Under Contract. Investment Properties ONLY.

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We work with the top Private Money Lenders in the country, so we're absolutely confident we can get you the best rates and desired terms! Our network of private lenders have deployed over $7 billion in real estate investment capital. Whether you're looking to invest in a single-family home to fix and flip, to refinance or to purchase as a rental. Or a big commercial property, you've come to the right place. We'll get you funded!

Unlike conventional bank financing, we work with asset based lenders, what this means, is that your credit score is NOT the determining factor for your loan. Instead, we look at the deal and base our underwriting on its potential. We welcome you to begin getting all the funding you need for your real estate investment deals.

We can provide you with Proof of Funds letters! Proof of Funds letters are frequently required by real estate agents prior to them agreeing to submit any offers to sellers. We make it incredibly easy to generate a Proof of Funds letter to provide to real estate agents or other interested parties. This way you can make offers with CONFIDENCE fast! Click here if you need a Proof of Funds Letter.

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  • A team dedicated to fight for the funding of your deal.
  • A team to guide you every step of the way.
  • A team that is cheering for you to succeed in accomplishing your dreams!
  • A team that will show you the best course of action to get the best results.

  • A team that is resourceful in order to help you succeed.
  • A team that operates on integrity and wants you to WIN.

The Mindset of Successful Investors

Successful Investors understand that if they leverage their own cash reserves, they simply tie up their own money for 6-12 months. By leveraging OPM, they keep their own money liquid, which means they can do more deals, more often!

  • It’s Fast: Flipping homes is a time-sensitive business. Depending on how fast you submit the loan package items, you can have your loan in several days to several weeks. It can take one to three months to secure a loan with traditional financing.
  • It Looks at Collateral, Not You: Hard money lenders are not interested in credit score. They are interested in how much value they see in the property since the property is the asset that is backing the loan.

  • It’s Everywhere: Hard money lenders are often people who have funds parked in lower-yielding financial vehicles like CDs, stocks, or IRAs and are looking for newer ways to maximize their funds in higher yielding conduits, like lending on real estate.
  • It’s Creative: With hard money, you can get funding on great deals that banks would normally shun. Promising investment properties that need repairs, make them unsuitable for most banks, but perfect for most hard money lenders.
  • It’s Flexible: Hard money lenders don’t have the same strictly-enforced guidelines to follow for their loan applications, so they are more willing to help creatively structure loans that work for the project.


Will You Lend For Both The Purchase And The Repairs?

Yes, for the right deals. If the numbers work and we think the deal will be profitable, we will loan on the After Repair Value (ARV). We recommend you have solid experience doing or managing such repair work. You will need to supply licensed contractor bids as well as meet certain other requirements. Bring us the deal and let’s discuss it.

Why Won’t You Lend On Owner-Occupied Properties?

Legal and regulatory reasons. Our current business model is to provide bridge loans to real estate investors for terms ranging from three to 24 months. As a result, it is not cost-effective for us to implement the complex and restrictive processes and rules required by regulatory agencies to do business with owner-occupants.

Is Credit The Deciding Factor In The Decision?

No. Our loans are asset-based. We base our loans on the value of the asset, not on your credit score, income, or the size of your debts. However, a high credit score can potentially get you our better rates.

What Are Your Rates And Loan Origination Fees?

Our loans are asset-based and our decisions are logic-based. That means we base our decisions about funding and rates on the perceived risk associated with the property. If you have a property under contract, submit it. Our rates are competitive in the private money market but we save our best rates for our best clients. Get started today to become one of those repeat, best clients! Get a property under contract and submit it!

How Long Does It Take To Close A Transaction From Start To Finish?

Upon receipt of all necessary documentation, typically within three to four weeks, we aim to complete the process within three to four days. However, the timeline hinges on the promptness and completeness of document submission by you, the investor and your team.

What do I need for the best experience?

For the best experience, you first should have a good deal under contract, after that, ALL the necessary documents needed for the loan package should be organized and submitted within 2 days.




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